A Overview on Karashab

The intended purpose of Karashab is to act as the driving force behind the digital economy of Iranian telecommunication market; by finding its way to emerging markets and development of its service are beyond Iranian borders, it holds the position of a key player in technology market of MENA region. Having an expert team of youth and with more than a decade of active presence in Iranian IT market, Karashab set its target for developing its scope of service to international level by putting its main focus on MENA region. Our goal is to become the largest digital service provider and an executive branch of Iran Telecommunication Company for implementing the fourth industrial revolution.

Main Values of Karashab

Innovative Value Creation: tolerating ambiguity and moving toward realistic solutions until solving the problem.

Facilitation: Facilitating inter and intra organizational operations for creating more value.

Agility: To do what needs to be done, within shortest period of time, at the lowest price and by receiving feedback on agile moves.

Cooperation: focusing on cooperation for compiling values and solving problems.

Karashab Company is the exclusive agent for operating infrastructures of communication networks of Iran Telecommunication Company.

Optical Fiber Network

Developing national optical fiber network for 200,000 Km.

Developing urban optical fiber network for 54,000 Km.

Developing inter-city optical fiber network for 64,000 Km.

Developing inter-rural optical fiber network for 79,000 Km.

Copper Cable Network

Design and implementation of copper wire communication network for 35 million subscribers


Mobile and Fixed Communication Networks

Design and implementation of radio communication network (private access)

Design and implementation of GSM network in remote rural areas

Providing public wireless service in high-traffic areas

Maintenance and supplying power, space and link for FCPs of Iran



Delivering over 35 million of land phone lines (95% of Iranian market share), 6 million high-speed home internet connections (65% of Iranian market share) and 125,000 high-speed commercial internet connections

7/24 support centers responding to over a million support calls per month and information lines responding to over 11 million calls per month

085 in-person support centers and support service agencies and MyTCI online support portal


Activities of Karashab


Internal business software development and support

Design and development of application of the largest Iranian fixed and mobile communication service provider

Support and maintenance of various systems such as GIS, Billing, CRM and etc.

External software interfaces of the company:

Design and development of MY software systems (user service access apps)

Design and development of user interface systems (Open API);


Network Security

Security Services:

ISMS and security maturity models

Networks and systems security evaluation, breach test and RED TEAM

Consultation, design and architecture services for systems and networks security

Secure Systems Development Lifecycle (SSDLC)

Database secure architecture and its implementation

Security training (in-person and online)

 Security Products:

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

CIS Checklist Software

Risk management and audit (ISO 27001-2022)


Infrastructural Network

Design and implementation of fiber-based (private access) communication networks

Maintenance and management of communication over optical-fiber

Maintenance and management of communication over copper wire

Design and implementation of BTS and microwave radio communication systems


Datacenter and Cloud

Hosting and server services, renting physical and virtual servers, website hosing

CDN and Cache Server services

Private and public cloud services

Datacenter and cloud consultation, design and implementation services


Customer Service Provision Capabilities

Sending over 500 million support, advertisement and service SMSs per month

Phone consultation services

API services for billing applications with over a million service call per day;

Organizational messaging application with capacity for 25 million users and audio and video calls

Business studio


Partnership with Knowledge-Based Businesses and Startups

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

BlockChain as a Service (BaaS)

Education management system for schools

Patient-physician management system (with over 35 modules including electronic prescription, queuing system, patient file and etc.) for clinics, medical offices and healthcare centers

software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) integrated solutions

Chain stores and shopping centers management systems (captive WIFI, financial software, customer journey and etc.)

3D exhibitions and metaverse development and implementation platform

Dedicated cloud call center